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Dr. Adam & Dr. Roxanne

Dr. Adam’s Draw to Chiropractic

Dr. Adam Six was born into a chiropractic family, his parents have been practicing chiropractors for over 40 years. From that experience he saw a different idea of what health was, and what “wellness” really meant.

After completing his undergraduate degree at Carroll College in Helena, MT, he “randomly” encountered a series of individuals. Some had benefited from chiropractic care, and shared their encouraging or inspirational stories. Others had stories of desperation and chronic pain, that he felt could benefit greatly from some adjustments. He has seen so many people benefit from chiropractic adjustments after an isolated incident/ injury, or worse yet, after all other options were explored that he felt chiropractic was to be his niche too.

Dr. Adam’s Chiropractic Education

Dr. Adam Six too went to Palmer College of Chiropractic, but for a different reason. His parents had gone to school there and the institution’s reputation and provided education are second to none. Additionally, he knew well of the Troxell Intern Program, and how valuable the exposure to chiropractic practice, teaching of chiropractic technique, and immersion into cutting edge chiropractic offices would be.

So as soon as he was eligible, Dr. Six became a Troxell Intern too. During his last trimester at Palmer College, Dr. Six also participated in Dr. J. Richard Burn’s intern program on Monday evenings. He then participated in a preceptorship program in Charlotte, NC in the few months prior to graduation.

How Dr. Roxanne Chose Chiropractic for her Career

Dr. Roxanne was introduced to chiropractic care by her father, a long time chiropractic advocate and patient. In this exposure, she saw a different image of what health care was, and could be. She had always really loved to work with her hands and be active, so chiropractic was a perfect fit.

Dr. Roxanne’s Chiropractic Education

In exploring career options, Dr. Roxanne stumbled across Palmer College of Chiropractic‘s website. She liked what she saw, and thought that would be a great place for her post-graduate education. Shortly after her arrival at Palmer College she found her way to the Troxell Intern Program, a program that would undoubtedly change her life forever.

At a student workshop she learned hands-on about the philosophy, science, and art that make up chiropractic. She heard stories about “miracle” cases; resolution of symptoms and disorders that had been deemed “hopeless” by some of the greatest medical centers in the world.

Dr. Roxanne had been experiencing some numbness in her arm along with severe headaches, so she became a patient of Dr. Troxell’s too. After several months of care, along with resolution of her numbness and headaches, she just felt better. After becoming a Troxell Intern herself she devoted more than 20 hours per week to the program, to not only developing her own philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic, but also teaching it to others. Upon graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic she was offered a post-graduate associateship position at one of Dr. Troxell’s Clinic’s. After spending two years in that clinic she transferred to the sister clinic located walking distance from her home. A clinic that also happens to be the home of the Troxell Intern Program.

Bringing Chiropractic Care to the Townsend Community

Upon graduation, Drs. Adam and Roxanne headed west to improve the community and deliver excellent chiropractic adjustments to the unknowing Townsend, MT community. They established Broadwater Family Chiropractic in 2010 and have been serving the Townsend, Helena and Three Forks communities with quality chiropractic care ever since.

Living a Chiropractic Lifestyle

The Doctors generally get adjusted once or twice per month, depending on what they have been doing, or what just seems to work best for them. Caring for their daughters, traveling to visit family, yard work, and other projects are the largest motivators for them to get adjusted in order to keep their bodies functioning at their best.

Adam and Roxanne both enjoy cooking and generally prepare a plethora of dishes including wild game and fish. Neither will deny the dangers and lack of nourishment in processed foods, however they also enjoy a delicious dessert, or a scoop or two of ice cream every now and then.

Drs. Adam and Roxanne enjoy getting outside and walking, hiking, or working around the yard. In addition, Dr. Roxanne adheres to a structured exercise routine several times per week. We both believe health is a multifaceted pursuit, that pursuit includes nutrition, activity, mental well being.

On a Personal Note

Drs. Adam and Roxanne Six have been together since 2007. They have four children and they enjoy spending time with them, as they grow and develop so quickly. In addition, they enjoy relaxing in the outdoors, touring in the mountains, and traveling to spend time with family.